Thursday, June 26, 2014

Tangled and Frozen

Anna in her coronation dress

I kinda screwed her eyes up in this picture so she looks cross-eyed

Elsa at her coronation

Elsa- I'm actually really proud of this one, its my favorite.

Angry Rapunzel

Happy Rapunzel (Her head looks a little big, I messed up on the face because I can't draw mouths)

Monday, June 16, 2014

Wait. We're Moving?

I realized  that i haven't posted in a while, but after the trip to Texas, I was just like "this can wait. like maybe a week or two" and then I never came back to it. Right now, I'm in the middle of film camp, and I probably should be editing my video clip, but I don't know how to use anything. So I'm just waiting. again. This is what I spend my life doing. waiting.

I'm a boring person! Okay? don't hate.


Most people make assumptions about Texas, but most of them aren't true.
-Not everyone is a cowboy
-Not everyone has a southern accent
-There are longhorns, but not as many as you probably think
-People drive cars, not ride horses
-It is not a desert
-Yes it is kind of spread out, but its not a barren landscape with cactuses and tumbleweeds or whatever
-There is a lot of diversity
-They do listen to country music, but not everywhere

Obviously I don't stick to things very long. I give up on this thirty day blog challenge. I'm pretty sure you people are just about bored to death by it. I was trying to think of ways to entertain you guys, and I was wondering if you would like to read things I wrote in my journal starting from 2010. That would be kind of embarrassing for me, but at least its less boring. I'll do one today, and if you don't like it, tell me, and I'll stop. If you don't say anything, I'll just keep going. Also, sorry about never showing you guys my holocaust art contest entry. It's hard to scan because it's made out of string...

Anyway here goes: (I won't type parts that are offensive to others or too personal, don't worry. Also, I will leave out names that aren't family. I might skip around too, so I will type the date. I'm 14 now and I started when I was 10)

December 28, 2010

We woke up early on Christmas to look at the presents. Santa missed our house this year. Apparently he always does. But we aren't even bad kids! Santa is so mean! He says he is going to bring us presents that we like but he never does! Plus there are a billion Santas out there. If you pull on their beards and they come off they are fake! Anyways, we played wii and with our stuffed animals. Alexis took a nap and we played on the wii some more. My sister and brother played cycling on the wii and they got 1st place on their 4th day. THAT IS ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE!!!!! But in the end they were 2nd cuz they ran out of breath. Alexis kicked me in the face and I got mad. She said sorry like a million times and now I feel bad for ignoring her.

This was when I was ten. I wasn't the brightest kid back then...

But I guess its not that bad, considering some kids these days. :P

After weeks of knowing I was gonna move, it finally hit me that I was leaving, if that makes sense at all. I was just sitting there and suddenly BAM, I realized we were moving. IM GONNA MISS MISSOURI SOOOOOO MUCCCCCCHHHHHHHHHHHHH  :( :( :(

Also, for those of you who watch FIFA, the whole time Germany was playing against Portugal, I was sitting on the couch in despair. Germany won 4-0, but I'm still rooting for Portugal. (And America. America is playing Ghana at 5:30 today, I hope we win! GO USA!)

Cristiano Ronaldo