Saturday, March 22, 2014

Any Ideas?

I can tell that this post is going to be long. Because today's question requires that. But first of all, I'm gonna ask you all a question (again). Since I really like photography, do you guys think that I should post photos that I take relating to whatever I'm writing about? I might try that. It sounds like fun...

Anywho, here is number 3. DESCRIBE YOUR DAY IN DETAIL

Today was unusual compared to all of the other days of spring break. Usually my life is very boring. Today it was still boring but in a different way. This morning, my mom came and woke me up at nine, then she left for work. I got up, brushed my teeth, ate breakfast, and painted the kitchen walls some more. The walls were almost completely yellow, but I promised my mom that I would finish the paint job before I went to my friend's house in the afternoon. My dad came downstairs and said, "Hey, you're coming with me to drop your sister off and then going to Ben's soccer game. I feel like you need to exercise so we're gonna go running." and I was like, "Sure!" but it's not like I had a choice or anything. So we left around 11 and got to the Scott Gallagher soccer fields around 11:40ish. My dad and I ran about a mile then we watched my brother's soccer team lose 5-1. It was the first game they lost this season. We ate lunch at Bread Co. and their macaroni is delicious! Then I got dropped off at my friend Anna's house and we played ping pong and hide and seek. I came home at 5 and painted the rest of the kitchen. After dinner, I spent some time on the computer then went upstairs to take a shower. Now I am sitting here writing about my day in detail while my brother sits next to me eating cheese. If you were wondering what I meant by "normal boring", it's me sitting at home on the computer all day or reading or eating.

My mom just told me to go to bed and i need to take out the trash so think about the photo series thing and i will check back later. Like soon later not in-a-few-years later. BYEEEEEEEEEE

Friday, March 21, 2014

(insert creative title that Emma was too lazy to think up on her own)

Obviously this everyday thing isn't going to work out. (ha ha, it sounds like I'm writing a breakup letter) so I'm just gonna go down the list of questions every time I post something. By the way, yesterday was my brother's birthday so you should wish him a happy birthday because you are all nice people.     right?

Question number 2:  
What do you look forward to in the next twelve months?

I look forward to a lot of things, so get used to these lists because you're gonna be seeing them a whole lot.

1. Summer Break

2. Summer Camp

3. Last day of school

4. My birthday

5. High School

6. Being around different people in high school (I think only a few people would get this one)

7. Summer reading challenge

8. Consistent warm weather


10. Writing more blog posts :)

 And that's all I could come up with. I'm pretty sure I missed some things but apparently they're not important enough to be remembered at nine in the morning. If you are on spring break right now, then enjoy the rest of spring break (I know I sure will). And I will (hopefully) post more soon.

Friday, March 14, 2014

30 Day Writing Challenge

 I got my blood drawn yesterday. I don't suggest it to anyone. Unless you are donating blood and you're not afraid of needles.....

Today is the first day of spring break, so I decided to do a challenge (this one is called the 30 day writing challenge) since I never can think of something to write about. Today's question is this:

What are some basic things about yourself?

The first question is boring, I know. It gets better though later.

My name is Emma, as you probably already know.

I am in 8th grade almost 9th.

I stink at grammar and typing.

Favorite- Book (Single): (I wish i could tell you, but I usually only really like series books)

               Book (Series): The Girl of Fire and Thorns (Rae Carson)

               Movie: FROZEN (Disney)

               Food: Fruit: Peaches and Cherries
                         Vegetable: Corn
                         Dessert: Ice cream (strawberry or vanilla chocolate chip)

               Sport: Ice Skating and Swimming (I do these for fun, not competitively)

               Song: Let it go (Idina Menzel- Disney)

               Color: Red

               Subject in school: Elective: Art

                                           Core: P.E. or Stretch

Hopefully I will remember to post one every day, but if i don't, I will come back to that question later.

I like reading comments so post them, even if only two people actually read this.


(find the I)

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Tiredness Makes you Crazy

So I'm up right now and its eleven at night and i don't care that this is a run on sentence 'cuz I'm tired and i wanna sleep so bad but i cant cuz i have to get it done and i have math homework that I'm not gonna do 'cuz its too late (to apologize. jk) and i wanna sleep and now im just going and circles and I usually do all my homework so now I'm sad that I'm gonna miss this one but not sad because that means i get an extra hour of sleep that i so desperatley need, an i spelled desperately wrong but i have to go work on my EA now before i die of tiredness, so BYEEEEEEEEEE. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Sunday, March 2, 2014

I Remember things too. I think.

The table tennis tournament was quite the disappointment. :(
I lost, but i was the only one who could beat the girl who got first, and she was the only person I beat.
Congrats to everyone who got a trophy!


So it's march now. Tomorrow is my friends birthday. (yes, I remembered, Colleen.) and my brother's birthday is on the first day of spring, which is when doodle for google entries are due.

Its funny how google is shown as a typo on here, since this is a site from google.           plus.

I don't understand the whole deal with google plus. People seem to hate it. #firstworldproblems

Its a wonderful thing because now I can share my opinion on it too! I honestly don't mind it. The only difference I see is that people can post three page long comments. Or something.

Did I ever mention how much I love FROZEN? I can't remember, but its now out on DVD. YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Speaking of which, I'm going to list some of my favorite movies. And other stuff.


1. Frozen
2. Frozen
3. Frozen
4.Other Disney movies


1. Percy Jackson series and Heroes of Olympus (Rick Riordan)
2. The Girl of Fire and Thorns (it's also a series) (Rae Carson)
3. Divergent series (Veronica Roth)
4. Other Truman nominees


1. Frozen soundtrack
2. Say Something (Christina Aguilera and A Great Big World)
3. Sleepyhead (Passion Pit)
4. Dark Horse (Katy Perry and Juicy J) and Flaws (Bastille)

This is all as of right now and may change constantly, but I recommend all of them to everyone 'cuz they're all awesome!