Wednesday, September 23, 2015

12.8 Things You Never Cared about Trees

I feel a need to expand on the topic of trees for a moment. It's so important that I'm willing to forfeit sleep for this, so you better listen up.

Here's the thing: I was writing my crap essay on what my pencil tree sculpture thing meant, and I got all deep about trees and what they provide for humans, etc.
What I was writing wasn't complete BS

Trees are so great. They're so great. Like, better than you. Better than ME. Get this: they provide us with paper, kindle, lumber, syrup, pencils, wood in general, homes, friends, oxygen, food, and probably a whole bunch of necessary scientific stuff that I don't understand.

And all we do is chop them down and leave their cold, dead stumps there.
Which gives me a new fondness for art, because I can create, instead of just destroying.
I feel like I was supposed to be born as a fairy and just go around and grow trees and plants and make this world a better place to live in. After all, we are just specks on a floating rock in the middle of a never-ending abyss orbiting a ball of hot gas (ew). Might as well make the most of it, right?

Plus, trees are so nice. They don't shout, they don't tell you that you can't go to the bathroom because you should have gone during lunch, they don't gossip. Sure they sometimes get in your way, but it's not their fault they don't have legs. Just like you can blame me for not being able to fly across the country for free. I don't have wings. (I would if I was a nature fairy)

But in conclusion, go outside and enjoy (or plant ;)) some trees, okay? Give them a hug. They deserve it. Tell them they're doing great at life, and how much you love them. They need it. They are only tree, just like we are only human. I hope I have enlightened and inspired you enough about trees for your entire life, and good night.

(12.8 inches is the approximate height of my bonsai tree. This post is dedicated to it. I love you, Chicken! (yes that's his name))