Wednesday, September 23, 2015

12.8 Things You Never Cared about Trees

I feel a need to expand on the topic of trees for a moment. It's so important that I'm willing to forfeit sleep for this, so you better listen up.

Here's the thing: I was writing my crap essay on what my pencil tree sculpture thing meant, and I got all deep about trees and what they provide for humans, etc.
What I was writing wasn't complete BS

Trees are so great. They're so great. Like, better than you. Better than ME. Get this: they provide us with paper, kindle, lumber, syrup, pencils, wood in general, homes, friends, oxygen, food, and probably a whole bunch of necessary scientific stuff that I don't understand.

And all we do is chop them down and leave their cold, dead stumps there.
Which gives me a new fondness for art, because I can create, instead of just destroying.
I feel like I was supposed to be born as a fairy and just go around and grow trees and plants and make this world a better place to live in. After all, we are just specks on a floating rock in the middle of a never-ending abyss orbiting a ball of hot gas (ew). Might as well make the most of it, right?

Plus, trees are so nice. They don't shout, they don't tell you that you can't go to the bathroom because you should have gone during lunch, they don't gossip. Sure they sometimes get in your way, but it's not their fault they don't have legs. Just like you can blame me for not being able to fly across the country for free. I don't have wings. (I would if I was a nature fairy)

But in conclusion, go outside and enjoy (or plant ;)) some trees, okay? Give them a hug. They deserve it. Tell them they're doing great at life, and how much you love them. They need it. They are only tree, just like we are only human. I hope I have enlightened and inspired you enough about trees for your entire life, and good night.

(12.8 inches is the approximate height of my bonsai tree. This post is dedicated to it. I love you, Chicken! (yes that's his name))

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Probably a waste of time

Hey its been a couple of years, hasn't it?

sorry, guys...
I recently bough a bunch of new pens (drawing pens), but the first step to using them is knowing how to draw... so... If any of you have experience with drawing pens please tell me how to use them
(> w <) thanks.

I can't really focus on writing right now, probably because I don't know what you like to read.
Also because I'm listening to really intense music.

I have the most random playlist put together, and it mostly consists of dubstep, violin music, musical numbers, and movie theme songs. Dubstep is really calming, though. If you're ever really stressed out, or if you are stuck in a life threatening situation just listen to dubstep :) It most likely won't save your life, but you will die very nobly :))))))

Honestly, I'm so out of it right now. I'm just typing whatever stuff comes to my mind just so I can feel less guilty about not posting. 

I always sing obnoxiously loud, and I wonder if my neighbors are okay. Speaking of neighbors, the other day I went to the park and did the exercise thing, and I met this little 6 y/o named Sai. His laugh sounded like a monkey and he acted like one too, but he was pretty awesome. Playgrounds are t-

So I forgot to mention that my playlist has really sad music too. And now I can no longer finish my story because 
This song just stole my happiness
You probably didn't care about the story anyway.
Great. Now I'm being all morbid, but I don't want to change the songs because they're so good :(((((

This reminds me of the beginning of "UP" when Carl has this happy life with Ellie but then she can't have a child and she gets old and passes away. And it all happens in 4 minutes and 11 seconds. (This song is in my playlist too)

Sorry for wasting five minutes of your life... I'm going to go eat food and cry until it's over.

Brb, guys. ily

Sunday, March 29, 2015

What did I just write?

After hours of scouring the interwebs for blog inspiration, I have come up with basically nothing  something, but it's an undeveloped idea so I'll keep it to myself for now. :P

Let me tell you, the writing process is a long and tedious road. It winds through boring hills of letters, over osheans of bad speling and mountains of grammar is not good, and past rivers of run-on sentences. I'm not even sure I can call this jumble of words "writing". It's more like... IWTBESHISESH:


(pronounced: Ie-wut-besh-ih-sesh)

If you came here looking for your mom jokes, though, you're out of luck. You can go find my brother if you like to insult each other's parental units. But if you are really into bad puns and punchlines, *wink wink* I got you covered.

Onto more important matters:

Turns out the fish gadget thingy doesn't work on phones :( That means no one can feed the fish and they are going to die :( :( :(

I guess that means I have to feed them. I have so many responsibilities, I can't handle this pressure, ugh! My mom says when I grow up I'll stop crying and being lazy, BUT THIS IS NOT A PHASE, MOM THIS IS THE REAL ME NO ONE UNDERSTANDS ME!1!!1 *aggressively eats ice cream and watches YouTube*

By the way, I have an EOC tomorrow (End of Course assessment) for english. FIVE hours of testing. At least we're allowed to bring food. I already feel bad for the kid who has to sit next to me:

Kid: ... pls stop
Teacher: no talking thats an automatic 0 for you
Kid: but-
Teacher: too bad kid
Me: O-O

And there's THREE writing parts. 

Please respond to the following prompt: What traits make you a good person?


I haven't murdered anyone yet.
(my old pet dog doesn't count he was on his way out anyway)
Also I make a killer strawberry smoothie lol XD 

You get the point.

Last thing before I go, most of you are probably here from my instagram (and therefore can't see the fishes, but thats not the point): 
First of all, Welcome!
Second of all, Thanks for reading!
and lastly, let me know if you enjoy reading, so I know to keep writing in the future.

Au revoir, my friends!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Prepare for the puns.

Hey guys :) 

I realized the reason I never post is because I spend much too long thinking about what I should write. 

If I am calculating correctly, being the genius that I am, I have approximately 0.000001 units of creativity and patience.

When I add that to the number of hours I spend doing nothing, and the amount of food I eat in a day, times the energy of the sun, minus the circumference of the moon, I can assume that no one is amused by my poor attempts at humor.


Did I mention I'm also a pro at awkward silences?


Yep. I can even manage to do it when I type. *flexes my virtually non-existent biceps*
People always say I'm really quiet in class but I'm actually training to improve my ninja skills. Only quiet ninjas exist because all the loud ones are dead. 

So a word to the wise: Don't tell your best friend where you hid the body because I'm always listening.

On a lighter note, the sun is out today :))))

Ha. Ha. Get it?

I admit, I don't have many bright ideas...

But you have to receive an occasional dose of bad puns. Doctor's orders. 
*Clears throat*

Did anyone notice the fish gadget thingy I added to my page? I don't know if it works on phones or tablets, but you can click on the box and feed the fish. If you start finding that the fish are more entertaining than the actual content of my blog, let me know so I can delete the gadget. Then you will be forced to pay attention to me instead. >:D

One last thing. If you die of boredom, message me from the afterlife and tell me what I need to change about my blog in order to stop killing innocent people. Save a life today! Call 1-800-pleasestoptryingtobefunny right now! 

Thanks for reading!

P.S. Can you even do the "P.S." thing on a blog, or is that only for letters? I'm doing it anyway.

P.P.S I'll try to post at least twice a week, since I don't want to forget about this for 4 months like last time. If you have suggestions, questions, or ideas, just comment. :)

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Hello Again

I'm back, guys. There was a time when I kinda forgot I had a blog... lol. But I'm back due to unhealthy amounts of procrastination. I don't know if anyone actually will read this but I will try to keep this blog running as long as I can.

I'm still trying to figure out how to technology, so there's not that much to do or see on my page, but hopefully I will get there eventually.

I'm also not that great of a story teller so most of my posts will be short.

Considering all of that, I'm not even sure why I keep this blog running, but it's a fun thing to do and over time I hope to improve my abysmal writing skills, and not bore you all to death :).
homework time  -__-