Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Prepare for the puns.

Hey guys :) 

I realized the reason I never post is because I spend much too long thinking about what I should write. 

If I am calculating correctly, being the genius that I am, I have approximately 0.000001 units of creativity and patience.

When I add that to the number of hours I spend doing nothing, and the amount of food I eat in a day, times the energy of the sun, minus the circumference of the moon, I can assume that no one is amused by my poor attempts at humor.


Did I mention I'm also a pro at awkward silences?


Yep. I can even manage to do it when I type. *flexes my virtually non-existent biceps*
People always say I'm really quiet in class but I'm actually training to improve my ninja skills. Only quiet ninjas exist because all the loud ones are dead. 

So a word to the wise: Don't tell your best friend where you hid the body because I'm always listening.

On a lighter note, the sun is out today :))))

Ha. Ha. Get it?

I admit, I don't have many bright ideas...

But you have to receive an occasional dose of bad puns. Doctor's orders. 
*Clears throat*

Did anyone notice the fish gadget thingy I added to my page? I don't know if it works on phones or tablets, but you can click on the box and feed the fish. If you start finding that the fish are more entertaining than the actual content of my blog, let me know so I can delete the gadget. Then you will be forced to pay attention to me instead. >:D

One last thing. If you die of boredom, message me from the afterlife and tell me what I need to change about my blog in order to stop killing innocent people. Save a life today! Call 1-800-pleasestoptryingtobefunny right now! 

Thanks for reading!

P.S. Can you even do the "P.S." thing on a blog, or is that only for letters? I'm doing it anyway.

P.P.S I'll try to post at least twice a week, since I don't want to forget about this for 4 months like last time. If you have suggestions, questions, or ideas, just comment. :)

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