Tuesday, May 27, 2014



Was that eye catching enough? I looked up how to start a blog post and it said make it eye catching. It also said that if you say something is true, then you have to provide proof. Very well. Here is your proof:

I told ya so.


1. Ride a pegacorn
2. Fly
3. Be more creative (Not in a bad way)
4. Remember things
5. Have a clean room
6. Eat sweets without worrying about health hazards
7. Stay on the computer without hurting my eyes
8. Be more responsible
9. Become a famous actress
10. Buy whatever I wanted
11. Get what I want
12. Have more time
13. Grow taller
14. Leave
15. Have courage
16. Try new things
17. Be in charge
18. Sleep more than I really do
19. Live a good life
20. Be remembered

I've always wanted to have time and space to extend my lists, and to have a huge audience. Someday, I promise you, I will.

Today was the last day of school. Time to get a job. Also Time to do summer homework. Yay. Well, I better get started, then. See you all later!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

FOOD (nothing more has to be said)

Hey, everyone.

(how do you start a blog post?)

I have a big issue with beginning a post. I don't know how experienced bloggers do it, and I should look into that. But I don't want to be the stereotypical blogger and ride the blogger bandwagon of post beginnings. "Hey, everyone." sounded appropriate because I'm greeting everyone, right? It also sounds very boring, like if someone were to stumble upon my blog, they would immediately skip over it. I need an interesting and significant intro. I can't remember how I started my first few posts; I'm pretty sure they were just about the same as this one. I should greet you all with a name, like PewDiePie does with his "Bros". Or maybe I should just do something new every time, but it also takes a lot of thinking. Maybe I should just jump right into what I have to say. Again, I don't know; let me know what you think.


I absolutely love  f o o d.

Well, most foods anyway.

I used to be very picky with eating foods that i didn't recognize. Now, after 3 years of visiting multiple Asian countries, I'm used to trying new things, especially with a mother like mine. (Believe me, Asian people make the weirdest food) My dad wants me to try snake next time I go.

Here's a list of the strangest foods I have ever eaten:
1.Pig intestine/ears
2.Purple beans
3.Egg pancake (kinda like a waffle except in egg shapes instead of squares)
4.Green Cherries(the artificial kind D: )
5.Roasted Pigeon ((I think it was roasted pigeon)It was gross)

Here's a list of my favorite foods:
1. Cherries
2. Honey Nut
3. Chocolate
4. Pineapple
5. Spring rolls(Red bean)
6. Icecream (Strawberry or chocolate chip)
7. Corn/pork pot-stickers
8. Little Dragon Dumplings (That's translated directly from Chinese, idk what they are really called)
9. Cherry Snapple Punch
10. Poptarts
They're in order from left to right

Also, today is mother's day and I made a cake for my mom. It was delicious and turned out way better than the one I made last year for her 19th anniversary with my dad.

Before we go, I have one more VIQ. How do you end a blog post?

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Don't forget! It's Very Important.

Me: Hey.
You: Hi, whats up? I missed you!
Me: Well, I've had a long day today, even though it was a half day.
You: Why, what happened?
Me: Either some idiot pulled the fire alarm, the lunch ladies set a sandwich on fire, the microwave overheated, or a science experiment went wonky, because everyone had to stand outside for 15 minutes and the eighth graders missed most of lunch.
You: Aw, poor you. Excuse people for being dumb and setting things on fire, it wasn't your fault.
Me: I know it wasn't, thanks for pointing it out.
You: You're very welcome.
Me: I have a VIQ. (Very Important Question)
You: What is it?
Me: Am I the SnApPiEsT dragon ever?
You: Yes, you are. You're TBBE.
Me: I'm what?
You: The Best Blogger Ever
Me: Thank you, you are very kind. Now, will you be quiet and let me talk for a little while?
You: Sure, anything for my favorite blogger.

Okay, people. Thanks for your cooperation during my very important mission, and for answering my very important questions with very important answers. Yes, everything is very important. Except homework. As long as you ace the very important test, homework is not very important. My mission, if you were wondering, is to keep you all entertained with my very important blog, which you are all helping with by reading this. I'm sure "very important" gets a little redundant, so I will try to use it less.

Today we will discuss: SIBLINGS.

We'll start with my brother because he's only eleven so his life won't take too long to explain.
 His name is Benjamin, but we call him Ben, because no Benjamins that I know of go by Benjamin and not Ben. (Benjamin's perfectly okay, in case your name is Benjamin and you go by Benjamin. I'm just not used to it) His nicknames are Ben Jammin', Mincho, and Neb.He's weird and temperamental and annoying, but at the same time he's nice and caring and funny. His life is made of two components; Soccer and Minecraft. His schedule goes something like this: 
8:00 AM Get up, brush teeth, eat breakfast

9:00 AM-4:00 PM School
4:00 PM- 6:00 PM Soccer and Minecraft
6:00 PM Dinner
7:00 PM- 10:00 PM Soccer and Minecraft 
10:00 PM Homework (if any)
10:30 PM Shower then Sleep

9:00 AM Get up, brush teeth, eat breakfast
10:00 AM- 10:00 PM Soccer and Minecraft
10:30 PM Shower and sleep  

Thats pretty much all there is. 

Alexis is a bit more complicated. (But then again, if your taking all honors and AP classes in high school, all you're gonna get is complicated.) Sometimes we call her Aleexos. Shes bipolar, like my mom, but if you get on her good side, she's all rainbows and sunshine. Alexis likes talking about:
1. YouTube
2. Friends
3. School
4. Boys
5. Band and colorguard
6. Band and colorguard
7. Band and colorguard
8. Me and Ben
9. I meant "Ben and I"

for those of you grammar people
10. Band and colorguard
Shes pretty dang obsessed with YouTube, and wants to be a famous YouTube star when she grows up. She's learning how to drive, and is the most cautious driver I've ever met, AKA 10 mph. She's almost 16, but she looks younger because of her round baby face. :3

Anywho, Mother's day is in 3 days, and my mom was on the car yesterday acting all upset because she thought we weren't going to do anything. I actually bought cake mix and frosting last Saturday for Mother's day. I had to explain to her that if she was going to ask for a surprise, it wouldn't be a surprise anymore because the whole point of a surprise is to surprise the person. (it's supposed to be unexpected) She was very amazed by this concept. If you really don't have anything planned, then shame on you for forgetting your mother, but now worries, I gotcha covered.

-Buy her flowers (and a vase to put them in)
-Buy her a cake with "HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY" written on it
-Give her a hug and let her know you didn't forget (even though you did)
-Take her out somewhere (Picnic, Restaurant, Grandma's house, etc.)
-Offer to do all the chores
-Cook dinner (Unless you don't know how to cook)

And if you can't do anything, then at least make an effort to let her know you are trying.

You: Wow, this is great! I'll check back whenever you post, TheSnappyDragon.
Me: Thanks for taking time to read this, keep being AWESOME (and
very important)
Ben Jammin'