Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Minecraft = science

Hey! I haven't posted anything in awhile. Sorry. I'm just happy that I have a blog 'cuz its fun! Look mom! I'm on the Internet!!! (nobody reads this. not even my mom. LOL (well except for my sister))


So I was playing Minecraft today, and I discovered that gravel pops (idk, I couldn't think of a better word) when you place a torch under it. ITS AMAZING!! Well, not really.



Everyone always says that Minecraft is for nerds or babies or whatever. Well, so be it. I'm a nerd who will keep playing because its fun. ( I can see you rolling your eyes, Alexis.)

I know that there are a ton of typos in today's post, but everyone has those floppy fingers days where you just can't type.

asiefh aifh asd fasodi fyawfurfhidfhbmcx.

like that.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Sausage, Mouse, and Bird

           Once upon a time, there was a mouse, a sausage, and a bird. They all had their own personal jobs: mouse fetched water from the well to make soup, bird collected twigs to heat the soup, and sausage swam around in the soup to flavor it. All day, all night, all year, that was all they did. Life was quite boring. One day, bird came up with an absurd idea that mouse and sausage somehow had the easiest jobs, and he wanted to trade. Mouse was like "Yeah, okay man," but sausage was skeptical. He said, " Ze zwimming eez very hart to do. I am preety sure dat you would burn up in ze pot." (Apparently he has an accent. I don't know from where.) But bird insisted and mouse did too, so sausage shrugged and went along with it. The next day, bird went out to fetch a pail of water. He fell into the well, and since it's hard to fly with wet feathers, he drowned. Sausage went into the woods to collect twigs, and upon smelling sausage, dozens of forest animals came out and picked him to pieces. Mouse, all alone, waited and waited for sausage and bird to come home, but they never did, so he he heated the leftover soup from the day before. He tried to flavor the soup, but ended up a boiled rodent instead.

Lesson of the story: Listen to the sausage.
It's a classic fairy tale.

Anyway, callbacks were today and it was fun. we don't have enough people to do the original play, so I think we are doing Four Little Words.  Ignore the typos.


Saturday, February 1, 2014

Who Doesn't Love Pink Lemonade?

So yesterday morning was awesome because there was a pretty sunrise. The sun looked like a giant tangerine with pink lemonade clouds pooled around it. 

That was the most poetic thing I could come up with. Plus, raspberry lemonade isn't as good as pink lemonade. 

I'm also not super observant when I type, so if there are typos, just ignore them. I also auditioned for a play two days ago (Midsummer's night dream) and I'm pretty confident about getting the lead, cause' there were only 6 people who auditions. It was very pathetic. : (

The default font is boring, so I might choose a different font to use.
I like this one, but its kinda hard to read...
this looks a little too much like the original.
I always wanna call this one Ariel. like the little mermaid.
Why do they all look alike!?!?!??!?!
that leaves this one, which isn't that good.

So I decided on this one, and if you don't like it, let me know, and tell me your favorite color because I wanna know what color you want to read this in. (don't say yellow. or white.)

I drew a self portrait this morning. My brother says it looks like I'm making the duck face...
I'ts lunchtime too, so I'm gonna end this here. BYEEEEEEE