Sunday, March 29, 2015

What did I just write?

After hours of scouring the interwebs for blog inspiration, I have come up with basically nothing  something, but it's an undeveloped idea so I'll keep it to myself for now. :P

Let me tell you, the writing process is a long and tedious road. It winds through boring hills of letters, over osheans of bad speling and mountains of grammar is not good, and past rivers of run-on sentences. I'm not even sure I can call this jumble of words "writing". It's more like... IWTBESHISESH:


(pronounced: Ie-wut-besh-ih-sesh)

If you came here looking for your mom jokes, though, you're out of luck. You can go find my brother if you like to insult each other's parental units. But if you are really into bad puns and punchlines, *wink wink* I got you covered.

Onto more important matters:

Turns out the fish gadget thingy doesn't work on phones :( That means no one can feed the fish and they are going to die :( :( :(

I guess that means I have to feed them. I have so many responsibilities, I can't handle this pressure, ugh! My mom says when I grow up I'll stop crying and being lazy, BUT THIS IS NOT A PHASE, MOM THIS IS THE REAL ME NO ONE UNDERSTANDS ME!1!!1 *aggressively eats ice cream and watches YouTube*

By the way, I have an EOC tomorrow (End of Course assessment) for english. FIVE hours of testing. At least we're allowed to bring food. I already feel bad for the kid who has to sit next to me:

Kid: ... pls stop
Teacher: no talking thats an automatic 0 for you
Kid: but-
Teacher: too bad kid
Me: O-O

And there's THREE writing parts. 

Please respond to the following prompt: What traits make you a good person?


I haven't murdered anyone yet.
(my old pet dog doesn't count he was on his way out anyway)
Also I make a killer strawberry smoothie lol XD 

You get the point.

Last thing before I go, most of you are probably here from my instagram (and therefore can't see the fishes, but thats not the point): 
First of all, Welcome!
Second of all, Thanks for reading!
and lastly, let me know if you enjoy reading, so I know to keep writing in the future.

Au revoir, my friends!

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