Saturday, July 12, 2014

A Letter to my Future Self

Dear Emma,

So you finally decided to check back on me. Which is technically you. I'm gonna call my future self "you" instead of "me". I hope you are in a nice home, apartment, dorm, or wherever you are right now, 'cause I certainly hope you aren't in a dark alleyway wearing torn and tattered clothing with an empty stomach. If you are anything like that then you need to get a life. Unless by the time you read this the world is coming to an end. Then I would suggest you go say your last goodbyes to all the people you love before you get incinerated. Assuming you are alive and well, (not that you would read this if you were dead), I am going to ask you some very important questions that you can answer for me when They invent time traveling machines.
1. How was Independence High School?
2. Are you living in the ocean because of global warming?
3. Is our country at war and congrats on surviving WWIII assuming that there was a WWIII.
5. Remind me to ask you the important questions that slipped my mind while I am writing this.

How is your blog doing, by the way? Do people read it, or did you stop posting but suddenly decided you were going to read it? That question isn't all that important, but I'm kind of curious. Also, if They let you, could you bring me back with you to the future (which is your present) so I can see what its like? I promise to go back to the past where my fourteen-year-old self belongs. I might add more to this letter in later posts when its not 9:30 at night and I'm not tired and can actually remember to say smart stuff. Tchao for now, Emma.


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